Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Brief Introduction

So I originally created this blogging account so as to be able to vent to no one in particular about the mundane goings on in my particularly boorish life. I then proceeded to completely forget about it until this fine day when I decided to create an account for the same reason and, TADA, I rediscovered it.

I am currently stuck in Cibubur, Indonesia, 22 years old with no degree or job to speak of, living with my parents and completely and utterly lost. Taking a good long look at my life recently has caused many a facepalm, but that changes NOW. It is time to take back control and make something of myself. But where do I start?

I suppose a good place to begin would be to ask myself "What do you want to do with your life?". This seems a simple enough question, right? Not so. I honestly do not have a clue what I want to do in the long run. Maybe be an author if I can rediscover any talent I may have previously had. So let's look at the short story.

I see Italy, Florence to be specific. I see myself living in a tiny, old apartment, struggling for money to eat and counting out my change seeing if I can scrape enough together to buy a cheap bottle of wine to treat myself. That is my current little fantasy. I daydream of knowing not a soul, and getting lost in the beauty and History of a city so strange and captivating. I dream of cold winter nights in January, melancholic with a blissful loneliness as I watch all the people passing by, going on with their lives, and wondering if I will ever have someone to share it with, but enjoying the intoxicating solitude for now. A little adventure of my own to be begun in only a few short months. But in the meantime, what to do to get by?

Preferably keep hold of my sanity. Easier said than done while living in a house full of people intent on destroying each other. But I shall persevere!